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19-Aug-2017 08:02

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This wasn't quite how things were originally meant to work.

We thought, 'God, how cool would it be if we could create a network that was deeply integrated with our products such that people could connect up, play, it would be one click of a button, and they'd be online, able to communicate, chat, play with their friends?

You can also install Everquest on a new computer by copying the installation directory from another computer via a USB memory stick, hard drive, or DVD.

If all else isn't possible, just a copy of the Everquest patcher (everquest.exe) is sufficient to bootstrap an install.

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The underlying technology is not game specific, but we are rolling this out for Ever Quest II *only* at this time.

The games themselves were peer-to-peer, so had to be responsible for chat and getting those game listings up and matching players together.

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